I rescued Tiffany together with Laila, in June 2012.

She was about 12 months old at that time and still a filly. We soon realized that she had a genetic issue in her hind legs. She often can’t bend her joints for some seconds, but when she keeps walking it gets loose again and does not become a bigger problem. For that reason we decided that nobody should ever ride her or put any weight on her.

In August 2013, Tiffany still being a filly, gave birth to her first colt Picasso, one day after her mother Laila gave birth to Filou. Being a responsible horse mother, Tiff has always had her special character and tells us when she wants us to be around her and when not. Sometimes it has to be a slight kick in the air, until we understand what she means.

Tiffany is a very sweet horse and when she trusts in us, handling her is very light and easy. But, when she does not trust in us, we have no chance. She won’t let us inject medicine, trim her hooves or apply deworming medicines in her mouth.

In the herd Tiffany is the fourth mare in the range order. If she sees us as part of the pack, we sometimes must be aware of not getting pushed by her. In case of a situation like this, it’s our responsibility to stay firm, without threatening her away.

Tiffany is one of our best horses in Horse Guided Empowerment ( HGE ) sessions because of her high sensitivity.  She is the best mirror of people’s emotions, like telling our clients by body language what they feel inside. 

Like all horses, Tiffany can read us as a book and it is important to be firm and calm if necessary , and always honest, full of love and positive intentions, which is the fairest attitude around horses.

Love and respect is our journey and we never forget that our horses don’t owe us anything !

If Tiffany inspires you to become her guardian, please support GHF with your donation.


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