Soleil is our handsome young prince. He is named after the sun (le soleil ), the sunny side of life, which appears when he runs across the pastures and his light blond main flies above his neck.  He was born  March 16th, 2015; totally unexpected at 10 o clock in the morning. We had no idea that he was on the way and we thought that his young mother Pepita was just well fed. Soleil was a sweet surprise and a gift from heaven.  He was the reason why I created GALAPAGOS HORSE FRIENDS, because he was already horse number 6 in our pack.

The first month Soleil grew up together with his mother Pepita on my land close to my house while my other mares Laila and Tiffany lived together with their bigger colts Picasso and Filou at the rented farm, which was 3km away.  Just being with together with his mother, Soleil became very protective and he sometimes bit and jumped at us, which was cute to begin with but became a little bothersome when he grew bigger.

Picasso and Filou were 14 months old and took over the education of little 7 month old Soleil. His biting and jumping at us has stopped  and instead of protecting his mother he has playmates and a lot of fun.   Soleil grew up happy and healthy and being always surrounded by his friends.

 At 15 months of age, he was gelded together with Picasso and Filou by a group of vet students from USA.  Two months after being gelded, we brought  the three colts back together with our mares and the reaction of them to see their mother again was very emotional and  heartwarming.

All the horses have lived together now for two more years at the rented farm which was 3km away from my home. Our volunteers who stayed at the house close to their pastures took care of them every day and luckily we have had a steady stream of volunteers at those times. Soleil became the favorite horse of many of them, his positive and light character always inspires us to work with him. He has a lot of potential. In the herd he is a range lower horse and as he is still very young and playful he does not mind at all. His favorite playmate now is Rainbow, who is two years younger than him and about the same size.

Soleil responds to the games created by Pat Parelli (Americas famous natural horsemanship instructor) with joy and trust, as soon as he pays attention and connects to us. This sometimes needs a bit of our patience, which is a good lesson for all of us, because he teaches us mindfulness  and a deeper understanding of our own patience.

We will follow Soleil’s instructions, because he deserves to be respected. 

If you want to support and follow his Soleil’s life story, we will be deeply grateful.


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