Rainbow was around  8-9 months old, when I rescued him together with his mother Blueberry. He must have been born on the side of the road in Santa Rosa on Santa Cruz Island, where I saw him sleeping several times close to his mother and other horses long before I could let him come into my farm in October 2018. Rainbow was the youngest and the friendliest of the three horses I rescued. From the time he came to us, he grew up happy and safe, surrounded by his playmates.

To get him used to a halter was a challenge, but with patience, love and games he learned that we are not his predators  and little by little he accepted the halter and walking on the lead. Now at the age of 2.5 years, Rainbow is one of our sweetest souls in the herd. He is one of the range lower horses, as he is still a colt, but he can get very protective about his little brother Caramelo when it’s necessary. Rainbow is playful, very friendly and he likes to work and learn. His best friend is Soleil and every day we can see these two horses running around the pastures and playing. Rainbow is very curious when new visitors come to the farm.

For his castration, we had to fly in a veterinarian from mainland Ecuador in September 2019, because on the Galapagos we don’t have any equine specialized veterinarians. Rainbow was the lucky one who did not get affected by tetanus , like his brother, who passed away one week after the castration. Since then we learned that the whole country of Ecuador does not vaccine horses against tetanus, and in order to save our herd from this deadly infection, we had to bring in the vaccines from the US. Now Rainbow is a very healthy, strong and handsome colt, who still grows and has the whole future ahead of him. His color is red and he has a thinner white line along his face. His eyes are soft, like the window to his soul.

If you come to the Galapagos Islands one day, please come up to the highlands of Santa Cruz and meet Rainbow, who once was unwanted and grew up to one of the biggest and most beautiful horses of our project. Become Rainbow’s guardian and make his future bright.


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