Picasso was born on August 25th 2014, and is Tiffany’s colt. He was born one day after Filou; the colt of Tiffany’s mother. 

We welcomed the foals as a great gift and had so much joy seeing them growing up. At this time I still had the three mares and the two colts at home on my land, where we did not have enough pasture anymore for all of them and we went out into the bushes every day to cut 6 huge sacks of elephant pastures with the machete and carried them back  on our shoulders. We could not buy any hay or special horse food on the islands, so I also  fed  a small amount of oats and grained corn as a treat and supplement, which they really loved.

 With the stable I built at my place, I could collect rain water from the roof for them to drink and the 5 horses had a nice shelter, because at that year we had floods and very heavy rains. Picasso grew up happy and healthy, and has never been seriously ill except for one episode of bad colic.

Still being a colt , Picasso was much smaller than Filou, which did not bother him at all as they grew up together, and were jumping and playing around all the time. At 7 months of age, I had to separate them from their mothers and I brought them to another place, 3km away from ours.  We hired a car to transport drinking water every 3 days in 9 huge canisters and we had fenced a safe area for them. But, the biggest challenge for us was, that they were out of our view and we had to walk there every day.

Picasso grew up as a very calm and friendly horse and all the training work of leading and haltering went light and easy. At the age of two years , in May 2016 , Picasso was gelded together with Filou and Soleil. I had been very lucky having our three boys castrated by a group of American vet students who came to visit the islands and they were doing practice work in the highlands of Santa Cruz.

2016 was also the year, when GALAPAGOS HORSE FRIENDS received the first group of three nice volunteers from Michigan USA. In the meantime I have had all our horses together at one spot again and  I could rent a nice house for volunteers next to the land.  The  importance of volunteers taking care of the horses and helping with all the work began to be our priority. I built a stable and a round pen, to be able to work easier with the horses and learned more about the arts of horsemanship.

Picasso became powerful , which was never a problem, because we work our horses with exercises based on communication and games. GALAPAGOS HORSE FRIENDS stayed at this place until June 5th 2018. During these two important years, GHF received many visitors and school children, and we made a lot of publicity on the islands. On June 5th, 2018 we had to leave this piece of land without having a new place to go with our 8 horses.

I had to split the herd for a while, and Picasso went together with Filou, Bounty, and Soleil for three months on a big farm, rotating pastures with cows, until the day Picasso and his friends where lost. During 6 days of searching in misty and foggy weather conditions, Picasso and his friends were not found. But finally on day 7, Picasso was the first one who came out of the bushes after our 5 hours walk through muddy areas. He came right up to me and my 3 helpers which was more than a heartwarming moment. It was no problem to get him and the other three horses on the halters , so we walked back… leading the horses home!

Three weeks later, in September 2018, all horses moved together to our new rented farm, where they had plenty of space to run and plenty of good food available until now. Our herd became bigger, and Picasso is now one of the leaders. His position in the herd is very high, he shares the leadership with one mare and two mares below.

Picasso is the best buddy of our colt Caramelo, he shows him limits and educates him , sometimes in a gentle game of running and jumping and sometimes in a rough conversation of pushing and pulling. His best friend is his aunt Pepita. He always stays close to her, which is very sweet. He became a gentle giant, with a completely predictable attitude; just like a best friend with a good character.

Now you may have fallen in love with Picasso as much we do.

If you would like to support him , please  visit the link below.


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