Pepita was born on October 25th 2012.

She is named after my dear aunt, who passed away two days before she came to earth.  Since Pepita was born here on our property, she is one of the healthiest and most beautiful horses on Santa Cruz Island. 

Pepita lives a life of peace and freedom and she is the most caring of the three leading horses in our herd. Sometimes she won’t let us lead her away from her pack. Pepita is very connected to our rang highest gelding Picasso who is the 6 year old colt of her sister Tiffany. 

She also cares very much for her mother Laila and baby sister Jolie Michele. As our herd is a big family, most of our horses are related to each other. Pepita is always concerned about herd dynamics, and tries to keep everyone together by looking after missing horses and leading them back to the herd when one goes astray.

She loves to exercise with us and to learn new things, like the 7 games by Pat Parreli (one of America’s famous natural horsemanship instructors), which we practice every once in a while. Pepita invites us to join her natural world where we don’t feel any difference between her and us. With her caring nature she gives the most joyful moments to every visitor on the farm.

Pepita is also the proud mother of our beautiful colt Soleil, who was born unexpectedly on March 16th, 2015.

 Pepita is the tallest horse in our herd, and with her black mane, her dark brown color and her soft eyes she is the beauty  of our pack.

If you would love to be one of her caregivers, please support Galapagos Horse Friends. With your donation you give love and respect to animals , which leads all of us humans to love and respect ourselves.


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