Our Project

Our Project

Children, who grow up in animals natural paradise don’t have the chance to be around animals, accept of their pets, like dogs or cats, or if they live in the highlands, they have their farm animals, which are not kept to be loved.

Their families don’t travel with them around the Islands all the time to get to know this unique natural environment with its protected species. But if they would, they could not touch the animals, because its not allowed.

Children and grown ups learn by seeing and feeling, which means, if they can touch , they get related to it.

Our horses can give our children the great experience to relate to them , to huge animals, which are very gentle and friendly, when they are well treated.

Horses are prey and fleeing animals and they have a great connection to children.

They can become best friends and we know that children love horses.

We want to involve the community to be responsible for their introduced animals, like the horses.

Horses had been brought to the Islands to help humans with their hardest work.

Horses deserve our honor and be treated with mindful regards ! 

Now, mostly replaced by cars or machines, we can enjoy to be with them.

Galapagos Horse Friends wants to help the community and we create programs like:

  • offering the younger generation to come to the highlands and to learn together with our horse skilled volunteers, how to treat horses fairly and kindly.
  • interacting between local and foreign volunteers in different languages, learning all around horses and making new friends.
  • learning and training with the techniques of Natural Horsemanship, which means respecting the horses in what they are, not breaking them to what we want them to be.

 Meet the horses of Galapagos Horse Friends – Santa Cruz