Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the community for horses well being and a fair treatment of animals in general. To us it is important that it’s understood that horses need the following care to be able to live a happy life:

  • providing water every day
  • making sure that there is enough pasture on the fields, if not, provide additional balance food
  • keeping the stallions away from the mares or having them gelded, to prevent genetic deformations through inbreeding
  • Prevent breeding at all, if the horses don’t live in good conditions
  • using soft bits
  • no exercising weak and skinny horses
  • no riding until the young horses reach the age of 4 years, so their body is strong enough to carry humans.

We understand that certain things are not always easy to fulfill due to limitations on Galapagos but that’s where Galapagos Horse Friends start being active. Become involved and learn to work with your horse in unity.

  • training with techniques of Natural Horsemanship

Also a problem on our Islands is the lack of equine vets. Let us help you find the right vet for your horses.

  • equine specialized medical care, qualified vets !!!!

We want to prevent animal cruelty which is defined by but not limited to:

  • Riding foals at the age of 1 years onwards
  • “training” like tying them up for a week without food and water, leaving them alone with heavy sandbags on their back…until they break by themselves
  • not giving enough food or water
  • Sharp bits, which can injure the tongue or even break the jaw
  • keeping the horses against their nature, like leaving them tight up at the road
  • mistreatment of horses for profits without giving them the right conditions.

In the Future we are planning to create an equine therapy program. For the environment we are planning on trails for ecological tourism with well treated and healthy horses. The Galapagos Islands are visited by thousands of tourists per year and wshould show the world that we are responsible for our introduced animals.