The first time we met Orfeu was at the entrance of our rented farm at the end of January 2020. He was loose and very shy. He came to visit our horses, but ran away when he saw humans. We have seen him several times around until some farmworkers from Santa Rosa called me to tell me his story. This horse had been used as a pack animal until his hind hooves had been completely split in the middle and got infected.

These infections where never treated properly until they became much worse. The horse became “useless” and was sent out of the place, which he thought it was his home.  And even worse, I was told that poor Orfeu was about to get sacrified, because he kept returning to the place where he was once broken and castrated; the place where he received water and food in exchange for very hard work. The farmworkers from Santa Rosa asked me to adopt this horse, they knew about my project and my passion for these magnificent animals. Orfeu was easy to catch that day. I did put a halter on him and he walked home with me.

He walked with me like we have always been friends. He filled my heart with love from the very first moment we met. I saw his damaged hind hooves and I saw his soft eyes.  What a noble being he is. I looked at his teeth and I learned that Orfeu is a young horse. He is not older than 6 years. When we walked home that day, I  had a very strong feeling that we could treat his hind hooves properly and it wasn’t too late for him to heal.

Orfeu became company for our 3 legged Mule Chaplin at my place. He plays the dominant part and has the higher range between these two. We have been treating his hind hooves with topical and injectable medication. We gave Orfeu a new home with love and respect. We take him for a long walk every day and he teaches us the importance of trust to be able to build a strong bond between him and us. Orfeu became a wonderful therapy horse. The communication between him and us is full of joy and positive moments.

The huge abcess on his left hind hoof is shrinking. The smaller abcess has disappeared and the hoof has grown to normal. We have time, there is no hurry, because Orfeu does not have to work for us. He does not owe us anything. Every day I see him, spend time with him, go for walks, feed him balanced food and treat his injured foot. I learn that this time is priceless, that these moments are a gift, Orfeu’s gift!

If you agree that this life is worth to be saved and you also want to become one of Orfeu’s guardians, please connect.


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