Meet The Horses

Our project is for all the horses on Galapagos and we are hoping that many of the other horse owners will follow our lead and become an official Horse Friend. We would like to introduce you to the horses that are directly involved in our project on Santa Cruz at the moment.

— Laila

Laila is our oldest resident at the premises of our program. She is also the mother to Peppa, Tiffany and Bounty. Her character is very kind and she is a perfect teacher for the children. She is a wonderful horse for the pony rides and will most likely be the horse your child will be riding when visiting. We have started working her more on ground manners and leading since we’d like to see some improvements there. Again, the techniques of Natural Horsemanship have helped us a great deal to connect with our Laila and we are looking forward to seeing more progress.

— Pepita

Pepita is a very kind and trustworthy horse. Like most of my horses, Pepita was born at my home and has been part of the family ever since. She is currently undergoing training in Natural Horsemanship to learn everything about working together with people. She has been introduced to the bridle and saddle, even though we want to ride her without a bit. So far she has been doing really great in training and has not only learned to lead nicely but also learned to connect to people through join up and groundwork exercises. We are looking forward to her further progress and hope that she will soon be able to join Laila in the work with the children.

— Tiffany

Tiffany is our grumpy girl. Most people that meet Tiffany for the first time really misunderstand her character. She often seems a little on edge and grumpy, but she is just a bit testy and picky, really. Once you start working with her, you will soon discover a very kind character that just needs some guidance. Unfortunately, Tiffany has a slight hip problem and can’t be worked very much since her hind legs often lock up and seem to cause her discomfort. Nevertheless, she receives lots of love at Galapagos Horse Friends and we are happy to be her family!

— Picasso

Picasso is the only son of Tiffany and really resembles his mother. Since he was castrated a little late in life, he still acts like a stallion in certain situations. We are currently working with him on the simple ground manners and respect for people. He is a quick learner and seems to be very interested in all the new things we introduce him to.

— Soleil

Soleil is still very young and a bit of a clown in our group. Like Bounty and Filou, Souleil spends most of his days just enjoying life in the field. We have started working with him on general ground manners and he is doing wonderful. He is a very quick learner and we are so happy to have him in our herd. The children love him and he can’t wait for the next group to visit!

— Filou

Filou is another one of our young group. He is still not old enough to be started under saddle and still needs to learn his ground manners. Due to complications after his castration he didn’t get a lot of work in the round pen last year. This year however, he will be introduced to more arts of Natural Horsemanship and we can’t wait to see his progress. He has a very kind nature and will be a great teacher for the kids one day.

— Bounty

Bounty is the baby of the group and doesn’t know much yet. He enjoys most his days in the field with his friends or being brushed and fed. The only work that is currently being done is to introduce him to the simple ground manners like standing still while being tied, picking up all 4 feet and leading nicely.

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