Laila was born on a farm in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island approximately around 1998.

We acquired Laila from a farmer, who kept her mother as a pack animal. He told us that she had a beautiful trot and she must be descended from quarter horses, which were introduced to the Galapagos Islands by an American General around 1946.

We rescued Laila in 2012. By that time, she had given birth to 3 foals, including her filly Tiffany, who we also have rescued. The person who cared for her until then, rode her to hunt goats and as a pack animal, which is a  common way to use horses on the Galapagos Islands. When she came to us, she was untouchable and scared of humans. Her body language told us her story, and I knew that only love and respect could heal her inner wounds.

In October of 2012, Laila gave birth to the most gorgeous filly, Pepita. Laila, already being an experienced mother taught me how to get along with these three wonderful horses and they became the center of my life. At this time I was not prepared enough about knowing what is really happening in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island and around the area, where I started building a house on my land.

Laila’s filly Pepita was already 8 month old, when a stallion broke in our pastures and after the third time getting him out, he broke in at night and left Laila and her bigger filly Tiffany pregnant. Oh no!! After 11 months Laila gave birth to little Filou who is now one of our gorgeous ponies and Laila became a powerful mother of 7 foals, of which 5 are luckily under our care!! Laila has been the leader of the herd for 4 years and she has sometimes been ridden again without bits.

Now, she lives safe and retired and has never been seriously ill. Laila is a very important member of the herd and the third mare in the range order. She is also the mother of our filly Jolie Michele and is one of our best caring mothers. Laila will never be used anymore as a pack animal.

She now lives the life she deserves and she teaches to us that only time, love and patience helps her to trust in us humans again.

If you want to support Laila, you can become part of our team.

Your donation empowers us to show the community of the Galapagos that only HAPPY ANIMALS MAKE HUMANS HAPPY !!!

By SOWING LOVE AND HARVESTING CONFIDENCE we can win a friendship with the most beautiful souls ever.


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