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Heartfelt Messages

Hola mi querida Claudia,
The time i spent with you was so good. This is just a small way to say thank you!!
As my nun says “not even a leaf falls without a reason”…indeed… I was scared of horses and I happened to meet you in my path…
Thanks to you now I love these wonderful animals and I had the chance to hug them and take care of them.
Even if it was for a short time I tried to help you as much as I could…
This is so so amazing and it was amazing to meet you, a person as you with a big heart.
Just few more people like you and the world would be better 🙂
More than everything I’m sure that it’s going to end up like “and they lived happily ever after”
Con mucho gusto amor siempre y por siempre

Dear future Volunteer!
I hope you will enjoy this magical place and this amazing project as much as I did! Galapagos Horse Friends is an absolutely heartwarming project and I am so grateful for the opportunity being part of it.
Thank you Claudia for teaching me and helping me to discover the Islands.
I’ve learned a lot about horses – which has always been a dream of mine – and I also got an insight of the real face of Galapagos, which is a reason why I’m traveling.
I’m so glad I met you and your efforts gave me the hope we are able to make things change in the world even through small steps.
I wish you all the best and I hope I can visit you again in the future.
With love

We have had fantastic two and a half weeks with Claudia and Galapagos Horse Friends. The project has been so rewarding while, at the same time allowed us to explore these amazing islands.
We will really miss playing with the kittens meeting tortoises in the driveway and our evening spent with other volunteers and Claudia, cooking, eating and drinking together.
Always Remember: the more you give in to the project , the more you will get out,
Thank you
Michael and Sylvia


We really loved our time here – thanks Claudia, best wishes for the future, both for the project and yourself
Sam and Anna

Welcome to paradise!
Not only will you be overwhelmed with emotion being on this beautiful island (well I did anyway) but being part of this truly inspiring project will make your time here so special.
Make the most of every second spend as much time as you can with the horses as they give you so much love and tranquility. Personally I haven’t had much horse experience, however my background being an avid animal lover and studying animal management and conservation.
This being said I fell in love from day one!
Each one has their own personality and they are very patient and easy to manage.
I ended up volunteering with Michael and Sylvia for the majority of my stay so we were able to to the daily chores/tasks together.
Our days would normally start with feeding cats, cutting elephant grass since the horses can never have too much, bridling them in order, feeding, grooming and refilling and washing water bowls. This usually takes 3 hours, so sometimes we dedicate a whole day to spending time with them training, handy-work around paddock, I spent a few days working with the horses alone, when the others weren’t able to and they where all so compliant and I had no problems with them whatsoever!
Just go to the paddock with positive, motivated and soft approach and they will work with you with so much love!
Remember everyday is different and they reflect the attitude that you give to them.
If you have any ideas and suggestions on ways to help out this amazing project then Claudia is always willing to listen.
If you are sat around and see or think of things that can be done involving the project then just do it. We need pro active and creative Volunteers and the more people that can share their skills and help keep the project developing, the better 🙂
Claudia is a truly magnificent woman and she has thought me so much whilst staying here. I was lucky enough to be invited in a fundraising hash.
I am extremely sad to be leaving, however forever grateful that I have this opportunity to be a part of Galapagos Horse Friends.
I’m sending lots of love and positivity to Claudia and the project and I know with Claudia’s huge heart, dedication and passion to animal wellbeing this is going to flourish over the coming years.
Thank you so much for everything and I hope that the future volunteers get as much out of it as I did.
Love always, Rebecca

After three months of traveling it has been great to spend so long here. By helping with this project we have not only been able to see all that the Galapagos can offer to tourists but also the real Galapagos.
What an experience it has been.
The cats are absolute terrors but enormous fun.
We hope the project continues to grow and becomes what you want it to be Claudia,
We’ve had a lovely time.
All the best for the future and thank you for letting us be a part of it.
Nicki and Liam

Dear Claudia, 
First of all I want to say thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of this wonderful project for the last two weeks, I wish it had been longer. You’re an amazing person with a huge heart and it has been a pleasure working with you and the beautiful horses. I wish I had the opportunity to work more with you, personally, to see how you truly are the horse whisperer.
Keep up the amazing work you’re doing here and I will spread the world about the Galapagos horse friends, please keep me updated I’m looking forward to see the pictures of Tiffany’s foal, I will miss this place.
I wish this project all the best.

Hi! Welcome to Galapagos Horse Friends,
This place is a kind of a peace of heaven, we spent two weeks here and it was just wonderful! The horses and Chaplin the mule are so great, patient and sweet.
I personally have never worked with horses and I’ve learned so much here, that now I can take care of them.
Special thanks to Claudia who is a strong woman full of joy and life, fighting against the entire world for her convictions.
The world she opened us, her house but also her heart.
Staying with her was a special experience, she’s always helpful, smiling and caring, thank you and take care!
Peace from the French Team Arthur and Morgane

Galápagos horse friends is very unique. Claudia has done so much to protect the horses here on the island, something nobody else is doing. Her heart is pure and filled with good intentions. She needs volunteers so badly because there’s so much work to be done to progress. The horses are why I came here. And I hope one day that there will no longer be any mistreated horse. Thank you Claudia for your work. Stay strong, keep your head up!
xo Grace

We are two students from Munich, Germany, traveling around South America for four months and we were lucky to be able to spend three weeks at this calm and peaceful place in the Highlands of Santa Cruz.
It was a real pleasure to get to know Claudia as a very open minded woman who is convinced of her own ideas, always remains positive and never loses faith in this wonderful project.
We are glad that we were able to get to know Claudia’s little animal paradise, her cute and playful cats, the seven horses and of course also the three legged muley Chaplin and besides that her nine adorable dogs.
Our main tasks were the daily feeding and brushing all of the horses.
Even after a few days of this routine, you could realize real improvement for all of them.
Thank you incredibly much for his wonderful time at the house. We wish you come on Claudia, all the best for the project and future and hope to see you again sometime. We will miss you all a lot, especially all so all the animals!
Lots of love from the German team, Laura and Hanna

Galápagos horse friends is a puzzle and all volunteers get the chance to add a piece to get the puzzle done.
Everyone effects and supports the project in his and her personal way that’s how it keeps growing. We are here on an island full of love, trust and peace, created by Claudia and her wonderful animals. This place you’re surrounded by is an area which was meant to be the animal friendliest part of the world, but when you have a look behind the scenes you see mistreatment, thats the complete opposite of what you were expecting…That must change!
I came to the project to escape from a bad volunteer place and had the most beautiful days and the most wonderful moments here with my new friends, the calm of the horses and the funny behavior of the other animals and I was shocked when I realize how lonely I felt the weeks before. So I really appreciate all the love, trust and friendship I found here. The horses make me calm down, relax and enjoy the magic of the moment while grooming, feeding and working with them. They are reflecting what you offer them and giving it back in a much stronger way. Give them respect and they will respect you, give them love and they will love you, give them trust and they will trust you and with the three of it you will find a friend who follows you wherever you go. The work with the horses it’s not always easy and you will need patience and motivation to stay confident of what you’re doing. The horses will test you and surprise you they learn quickly even if sometimes step or two back is necessary. Make sure you have faith in your plans with them.

Every animal here deserves the same amount of love and cuddles because they are the main actors of the project. They need you more than anyone else. They need a moment to accept you as a family member because there are so many different people coming and going but when they know you, you will get your purest emotions and a lot of love from them.

Dear Claudia you’re the biggest animal lover I’ve ever met and I’m impressed by all the love, power and confidence you’re giving to the project and your animals. If you ever find a quiet moment please sit down take a deep breath and do something for yourself, your body and your mind. With every step you take you’re making this world a better place but you can’t rescue them all. Take care of yourself your animals and your volunteers because this is the heart of the project, without this everything would change.
Thank you for everything in a big big hug,

Dear Claudia,
Time really flies by in the Galapagos, already three weeks ago we arrived in the Galapagos and since then not single day has been the same.
There are always things going on in and around the house and of course with the project at this moment since we had to move the house from the land. It was a pleasure to do volunteering work in such a dynamic environment. Moreover Claudia, thank you very much for being such a warm and welcoming host. We really like working with the horses and with the other animals and we want to wish you the very best with your project for the future. We have made many great steps together, like for example going to Santa Rosa school to learn the children more about horses and their well-being. As you always say, you believe in the power of the universe and we really think that good things will come to you.
We wish you all the best!
Joris and Isa

I’m a Swiss girl traveling around South America therefore I landed here, at that heart touching project.
I spent three weeks here and from the first moment I felt like at home surrounded by wonderful creatures such as horses, cats and turtles.
Not having much horse experience meant that I learned how important it was to work with them with all your heart, soul and patience, as if you work with children. Then the relationship is perfect to learn from each other.
Thank you so much Claudia for the opportunity to be part of your animal lover project.
Being around horses every day, watching the progress and how they are trusting you more and more taught me a lot about things that are important for life, trust and love. There are no words for what you’re doing here for the animals, how you were offering them a home where they feel loved is just amazing.

As volunteers we can help that Claudia also gets a little free time for herself, not having to worry about all the ideas she has in her head. She definitely earns it because she’s giving us everything we need and even more care. I came here on my own and leave now by saying goodbye to five wonderful volunteers that joined one after each other. We became like a family living in the middle of paradise and having the most caretaking boss you could imagine. Thank you also for making my time here unforgettable.
Claudia, I wish you all the best for a future in your project and yourself. I would love to come back to see you again and welcome the baby horse which is still waiting for his time on Earth.
Lots of love from Martina

Claudia you are one of the kind with an enormous heart!
Thank you for a wonderful experience sharing not only your dream but your life with us, we will never forget you and our 2 1/2 weeks here. The house was wonderful including the animals, that are amazing and full of personality, you are a beautiful mother!
Keep believing and follow the light even if it doesn’t show each day. We will always send you positive energies from wherever we are in the world.
Bubbles of love
Nat and Drew from Australia

Dear Claudia,
Thank you so much for an amazing time here. I planned to stay two weeks but happily stayed a couple days longer. With you the time just flew by, looking after the horses in the morning, meeting Claudia at the beach later. I also learned so much about horses. My opinion the best possible way, is experiencing it instead of reading it somewhere. I never was afraid of horses but after the time here I am for sure more calm around them. I will keep all of them in my heart but mostly miss Bounty. I thank you so much for the experience you gave me and just hope. I will wish you just the best of luck.
Love,  Nora (Australia)

Dear Claudia,
Where to start … I believe everyone who enters our lives does so for a reason, whatever or whoever aligned our paths was truly a gift that I will forever remember to look back on with cherished memories.
Vincent VanGogh once stated something “the paved path is easy to walk along. But no flowers grow on it”
So please remember this as you’re pioneering the path of increased awareness regarding animal welfare here on the Galápagos Islands and beyond.
You know you’re doing the right thing so let the law of attraction work it’s magic!
Peace and love
Forever and always

Dear Claudia,
Muchas gracias por el tiempo increíble!
Thank you for hosting us and giving us a chance to live with the horses. We really enjoyed the time with the animals and with you. We had exciting days like a newborn foal Caramello, or the rescue of a horse from the street. We learnt much from the horses and wish them and you all the best. Thanks for the horses for the trust in small and big steps we gained. All the best for the future. We will think and remember you and the horses very often.
All the best and good luck for the project!
Svea and Jan from Germany

Dear Claudia,
I can’t believe that I’m here writing the goodbye words to you. I had the time of my life, this ten days here have been marvelous and I want to thank you with all of my heart because you gave me the chance to be here. To be part of the life on this island and to play a little role in your project and in the life of your horses and dogs. I wish you all the best, please don’t give up!
I’m sure it with your sweet smile you will be able to get in touch with the inhabitants here and make them realize how lucky we are for having these delicate creatures in our life. Horses deserve the best we can offer them. And as you taught me I am not talking about simple water and food, they deserve to be taken care and to be treated with love, to share feelings, to come out to build a genuine relationship with us because they depend on us and truly rely on us. We can do a lot more for them and there’s a lot more that they can do for us. I have never felt that way.
Once again thank you for everything Claudia maybe we’ll see each other again kisses and hugs
Ingero, Italy

What a beautiful and deep lesson of life I got here. I wish for everybody to have the chance to stop here for a while, here where we are all together surrounded by the nature full of living beings. Sharing laughing and crying. But also happiness and anger, great talks and moments, questions and answers. Thank you to be like you are and improve the construction of a better world, and fight for it to come, with all of your heart and personality. What a deep the beautiful project. Thank you to welcome us here I’m feeling like at home with so much love and comfort. I’ve passed wonderful moments here, with all of you guys, and with the horses, dogs and the nature. Thank you to show me the right way to live and help and fight for dreams and projects that we have. Thank you for the opportunity that you offered me to learn more about horsemanship end equino-therapia with the courses of Christina.
You are so strong and empowering, full of love and respect and you’re fighting each second for your project with your amazing family. This is so inspiring for me. It’s a place with great values here.
Only because of you carrying everything on your heart, body and mental. We shared so many emotions and intense moments. I’m sad to leave because I found a place here that is full of love, respect and kindness and that’s not easy to find. I wish you all the best and more than that because you deserve it so much. I wish to come back and definitely, I will try my best to continue to help you, from Switzerland. Big hugs for you and all your family.
I will miss you a lot,
Marine from Switzerland

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be part of this amazing project.
We loved being here and getting to know you and the horses and we are looking forward to hearing about you and how to project progresses.
You are doing amazing work here and we hope this project will always be able to continue. We wish you all the best for the future, we truly enjoyed connecting with your horses and learning more about natural horsemanship.
We loved staying here in this beautiful place with such amazing animals, thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful time experience the magic of the Galapagos and the special project Galapagos Horse Friends.
Love from October and James, UK

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