How to Handle Out-of-Stock Products on Ecommerce Platforms

How to Handle Out-of-Stock Products on Ecommerce Platforms

Get your strategy for product stock handling implemented ahead of the busy period. Learn key ecommerce tips for dealing with out-of-stock products.

Hide or Visible Out of Stock Product in Woocommerce | WordPress

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How to sell out-of-stock items on Shopify �� [2022]

In this video, I show you how to keep selling products on Shopify even if they are temporarily out of stock.

If you are running a Shopify store then you need to watch this video. It’s a must if you are trying to optimize your ecommerce business.

The apps mentioned in the video:

Shopify Pre-Order App:
Shopify Back in Stock notification:

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WooCommerce. How To Keep Selling Out-of-stock Products

This tutorial will show you how to keep selling out-of-stock products.
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How to handle out of stock inventory (tips for ecommerce merchants)

Here’s how to handle out of stock inventory should your business ever be impacted by supply chain issues or a product shortage.

It’s important for any direct to consumer business to have an out of stock strategy ready to go before they need it. The key here is planning ahead by having the answer to these types of questions:

– Do you anticipate that certain products will go out of stock soon, and on what timeline?
– Are there comparable products that would make sense to swap to instead?
– How will you communicate out-of-stock products?
– How will you implement a discount or incentivize your customers for products which don’t have a definitive restock date?

We won’t get into the nitty-gritty of your order processing settings today but that is one of the first things you can look when managing your strategy. Generally speaking you have the options to…

1. Process an order anyway even if an item is out-of-stock and fulfill it later
2. Don’t process an order if an item is out of stock, set it to error and not charge
3. Set up a middleware application to remove, or swap an out of stock product from an order and process the rest of it

Once you’ve identified how you’d like orders to behave, communicating to your customer is the next thing to check off the list. Make sure the tone you use to email or text your customers is empathetic and clearly outlines expectations on next steps.

So here’s the recap

– Plan ahead
– Configure your order processing settings
– Communicate clearly when an item is out of stock and what the customer should expect next

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