Sowing Love and Harvesting Confidence...

Our mission is to educate the community for the wellbeing of horses, and fair treatment of all animals.

Who We Are

Come to the Galapagos highlands where our trained volunteers help everyone learn how to treat horses fairly and kindly.

To us it is important that it is understood that horses need the following care to be able to live a happy life:

  • Fresh water every day
  • To make sure that there is enough pasture on the fields, if not, provide additional nutritionally balanced food
  • To keep  stallions away from the mares or having them gelded, to prevent genetic deformations caused by inbreeding
  • To prevent breeding at all, especially if the horses do not have appropriate living conditions
  • To use soft bits and other safe equipment
  • No exercising of weak or underweight horses

We understand that some goals are not easy to achieve due to the limitations of our location on the Galapagos; but that’s where Galapagos Horse Friends come in to do our great work. Become involved and learn to work with your horse in unity. We train using the  techniques of Natural Horsemanship.

We also address the important problem of the lack of equine vets on our island. Let us help you find the right vet for your horses; vets who specialize in equine medical care!

Our goal is to prevent animal cruelty which is defined by but not limited to:

  • Riding foals at the age of 1 years onwards
  • “training” like tying them up for a week without food and water, leaving them alone with heavy sandbags on their back… until they break by themselves
  • not giving enough food or water
  • Sharp bits, which can injure the tongue or even break the jaw
  • keeping the horses against their nature, like leaving them tight up at the road
  • mistreatment of horses for profits without giving them the right conditions.

Our future goals:

  • to create an equine therapy program using Horse Guided Empowerment.
  • To give back to our local environment by creating and maintaining positive relationships between local residents and horses that humans introduced to the islands which fosters care for the animals, understanding of the environment and how humans and animals can exist together mindfully.
  • To create an effective network of specialized veterinarians so that the horses can receive the care that they desperately need. 

Our Approach

Many children, do not have the chance to be around animals when they are growing up, with the exception of their pets, like dogs or cats, or if they live in the highlands, they have their farm animals, which tend to be kept for business purposes rather than for love.

Their families don’t travel with them around the Islands all the time to get to know this unique natural environment with its protected species. But if they would, they could not touch the animals, because its not allowed.

Children and grown ups learn by seeing and feeling, which means, if they can touch, they can find connection.

Our horses can give our children the great experience of relation and connection to these large yet very gentle and friendly animals,  especially when they are well treated.

We want to invite our community to be responsible for their introduced animals, like these horses.

Horses were brought to the Islands to help humans with their hardest work.

Horses deserve our respect and gratitude and be treated with mindful regards! While the work they have done for us is now mostly replaced by cars or machines, we can still enjoy to be with horses and learn to connect with them.

Galapagos Horse Friends wants to help the community and we create programs like:

  • inviting the younger generation to come to the highlands and to learn together with our horse skilled volunteers, how to treat horses fairly and kindly.
  • interacting between local and foreign volunteers in different languages, learning all around horses and making new friends.
  • learning and training with the techniques of Natural Horsemanship, which means respecting the horses in what they are, not breaking them to be what we want them to be.
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