Google Discusses Impact of Tags on Rankings

Google Discusses Impact of Tags on Rankings

Google's John Mueller answers whether there's a ranking benefit in the use of "tag" links in articles

Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking

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Here you can find loads of tips on how to write content like a pro, how to make the most out of Search Console plus tons of great insights on Google and its ranking factors:

Main Takeaways:

1. When writing for the web, follow the inverted pyramid, split your ideas into indistinct paragraphs, use bullet points, bolding, headings, all the good principles of scanability and usability, and, in addition to that, make sure that the article actually delivers on its promise. 6:40
2. The world doesn’t need any more content – there’s too much of it already. 7:15
3. Most people make a mistake of writing more blog content, completely disregarding their commercial landing pages, the quality of content on their product pages or services pages, and I think us, as an industry, need to focus more on that and less on pumping out more blog stuff, because that’s where the links go towards high-quality stuff. 15:14
4. With meta descriptions, you can literally do whatever you want and it has absolutely no impact on ranking. 20:51
5. There is absolutely no shadow of a doubt that CTR is a ranking signal. CTR is not only a ranking signal, CTR is essential to Google’s self-analytics. 25:32
6. A top mistake SEO people are doing nowadays is writing useless content on the blog – more blog posts. 42:44
7. There’s no longer a choice for an SEO, he has to become a digital marketer too. 43:38
8.A good SEO agency will explain everything like black and white, and they’ll explain what’s possible and what’s not, where’s the area of opportunity and where there’s not. 48:43
9. SEOs do not control Google, we do not know what’s going to happen, we are the weatherman. We can see what’s going on in the landscape there, we can see it might rain, but we cannot make it rain. And that’s the big difference. An SEO that promises the rain is a crook. 49:12
10. An SEO needs to look at all the other channels employing a sound marketing strategy in order to persuade Google’s AI essentially that this domain or brand is of significance and authority. 51:25

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