Filou was born in the early morning of a very misty and rainy day on August 24th 2014. He was Laila’s second foal born on my land, and he was very lucky that his half brother Picasso was just born one day later, so these little adorable fellows could grow up together and have a lot of fun. Filou was the bigger one, with a curly coat and very handsome. At the age of 6 years , Filou is one of our smaller horses and looks like a Pony. He is very relaxed and confident with humans and is the perfect horse for our Horse Guided Empowerment © sessions. Filou is also one of the first horses who come to say hello when visitors or clients enter to horses pastures.

In the herd, Filou is a range lower gelding, after the leading mares and Picasso, but he shows authority to the younger horses and helps organizing the herd, if it’s necessary. The 5 male horses of our herd are gelded, otherwise it would be impossible to keep them all in one pack together with 6 mares. Horses are very social animals who communicate with their body language, which can sometimes look like a dance or even a fight, but its mostly a game they are playing. They are very playful, and jump around having fun; pushing and also kicking and biting at each other, which is meant to be communication. Filou and Picasso grew up like this, and thus had plenty of joy in their childhoods. Now Filou is more relaxed and lets the others run around instead of playing. Sometimes we see him in a little confrontation with Picasso , which looks like they are discussing their range order.

After his castration, Filou had a very bad infection with did not heal for many months, so we had to fly in the veterinarian again for treating him, but in general he stays always happy and healthy.

Become Filou’s guardian and share our mission. If we let them be horses, they have a lot to teach to us.


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