How Can You Help?

Galapagos Horse Friends relies on the selfless giving of donors to continue our mission.  The horses that find refuge here were being abused or neglected, abandoned, or used as work animals in a cruel way.  GHF’s very important work to care for these these horses relies on our global community.  We do not receive government funding. Please help us continue to care for these horses. Your tax deductible donations are very appreciated. Galapagos Horse Foundations receives donations under the umbrella of Galapagos Evolving, a United States based organization.

Help Save A Life

Your generosity allows GHF to continue successful care of our horses and volunteer programs. On top of the high recurring costs of hay, feed, hoof & dental care, vaccines, and deworming, rescued horses often need expensive diagnostics, treatments, surgeries, and emergency care. Each horse is an individual and needs individual care and consideration.
We rely on donors to help cover these costs for our horses. Currently we are taking individual donations. You can make an individual donation as often as you like. We are working on having a recurring monthly or annual donation system, and it will be ready by April of 2021. You can choose a special horse to adopt, or you can select to adopt all of the horses and make a general donation.

Click here for more info
and to adopt now.

If you would prefer to make an open amount donation for any amount (even $1 helps!) please click here.

Where does your donation go?

All of our horses deserve healthy food and clean water to drink.

Veterinary care is scarce. Often we need to hire international veterinarians. 

We rent the land that we use to give the horses a home.

Horses need foot care and shoes on a regular basis.

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