Can Navigation Location Hurt Your SEO?

Can Navigation Location Hurt Your SEO?

Having website navigation is important for your users and SEO. But can its location negatively impact SEO performance? Find out in the latest Ask an SEO.

Do Fiver “Google My Maps Citations” Help with Local Rankings?

Google My Maps Citations are presented on Fiverr to business owners as a a way to get quick local rankings, but do these custom maps actually impact rankings? Find out in this Whitespark Weekly episode what happens to rankings if a business builds thousands of map pins in My Maps.

We had 28,000 My Maps pins added to a custom map for a business and tracked the impact of this on their local rankings over a 3 month period.

On Fiverr they claim My Maps will benefit businesses by:
1. Achieving fast local rankings
2. Top rankings in local 3-pack

The results: No impact on rankings.

The recommendation: Save yourself the money. Google My Maps citations will not help your business rank better in search results.

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Should I Use Google My Maps For Local SEO in 2023

Should I Use Google My Maps For Higher Local SEO Rankings in 2023?

This video answers does MY Maps have a massive impact on local rankings? o in the past 2016 and 2017 perhaps maybe even 2019.

You know there used to be or at least it would seem that there was a slight benefit to adding these my maps onto the website you know make even my map Stacks or different types of stacks what has been definitely more effective now is actually embedding the driving map from said town or location to the business or even creating a driving route that way.

However the only benefit I could see from having a my map is that it might actually help a customer but it’s not an SEO benefit by any stretch of the imagination anything that you control Google demotes I hope this helps you out.

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Local SEO: How to Create Location Pages that Rank on Google in 2023

Local SEO: How to Create Location Pages that Rank on Google in 2023 –
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In today’s video what I will walk you through is a way that you can quickly and easily create local Pages for your local Business website that will actually get rankings in 2023.

One of the very first things that I cover in this video is going to be how to understand what the top performing websites have and how you can replicate this on your own sites. Along with what is going to be the target heading count. Then I cover how many of the headings need to be optimized and last but not least what the overall corpuses density needs to be in order to compete.

Then once this is done I will share with you how you can create uniqueness for your Local Pages containing local factual information that will not disrupt the overall optimization of your page.

If you have any future questions related to local search engine optimization or anything SEO related please feel free to go ahead and ask below or I’m always happy to help you rank on Google.#localseo #locationpages

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How does the geographic location of a web server affect SEO?

In this episode of AskGooglebot, John Mueller covers whether migrating a website’s hosting location to another country affects SEO, what kind of practical effects larger geographic server moves might cause, and the two ways to target users in a specific location. Watch this video to learn about the effects of servers on SEO!

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