Bounty, our Palomino pony was born January 30th, 2016 as Laila’s third unexpected foal at our farm. He had a very curly ginger colored coat which later changed into a very light creamy tone, typical of a Palomino. Bounty grew up surrounded by our herd and never had any serious health issues. He was gelded at the age of 15 months by a group of veterinarian students from the U.S. Bounty has a very calm nature and does not suffer from any fear unless there is something unusual happening of which he is aware,  which is his natural behavior as a prey animal.

Bounty is our most friendly and gentle horse and always happy to work with us during our sessions. He is one of the first horses to say hello to visitors, who come into our pastures and people feel attracted by him because of his beautiful appearance.

He gives us the most joyful show with our huge blue gymnastic ball. Children have a lot of fun by leading him around the orange cones in circles and walking wherever they like to go. Bounty follows us with trust and accepts us as part of his herd. Another important activity with Bounty is grooming and cleaning. As rolling in mud is part of his bath, we spend a lot of time on cleaning him sometimes. This is a nice and friendly way to get in contact with him, especially for children or new arriving volunteers.

In the herd he has a lower position as he is still a very young horse at 4.5 years of age. Like almost all our horses, Bounty has not been trained for riding and he enjoys the freedom of not owing us anything. We have learned to listen to our horses, which opened up a new world for us. His best friend is our young mare Destiny. Where ever we see Bounty in the pastures, he is close to  Destiny and taking care of her, which is very sweet and a good example that horses are social animals and need company.

If you fell in love with Bounty’s story and want to learn more about his journey, you are welcome to get involved.

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