My color is blackberry roan and my spirit is magical!
I was set free in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Ecuador and had been rescued with my two foals in November 2018. I had been seen around the area of Santa Rosa village about a year before I came home. My two colts where born at the side of the road, where I learned not to trust and never wanted to be caught again.”

In August 2016, Blueberry was still a filly around 9 months of age, when I saw her at a rodeo event, and about a year later , I still saw her running loose in the streets of Santa Rosa.  Sometimes I would see her with three to five other horses, and a short time before I managed to catch her, she was seen with her two foals. I heard that these horses were notified by the National Park and I also heard that the people who where once responsible for this group of horses, did not want to take them back and nobody was interested in saving them.

At this time, my project had a very difficult time finding a new farm, but in September 2018 we where more than lucky to move into our current farm, which has enough food for many animals. Blueberry came to us in October 2018 and from this time onwards, I learned more about her story. Getting closer than 20m was impossible and she ran from any rope being shown to her from a certain distance. While observing me every time I came into her pasture , she was mostly cautious that something scary could happen to her and her colts.

After a while Blueberry and her two colts had to meet our herd and they began to make friends. All horses started to discuss new rang orders until Blueberry came into a higher position together with two of my other mares. The reason for this position is , that she is very smart and strong. She can educate the others and put limits. I have seen her jumping between two playful fighters.

Finally Blueberry lives the life which she deserves! By leaving her in peace, she became more curious about us and she stays relaxed while we are around her. I have my best moments with Blueberry sitting right in front of her in the grass and feeling her curious soft nose sniffing at me. Then I can feel her soft and gentle spirit, which fills my heart with love. I am thankful that she found me and I feel privileged to be her caregiver.

In august 2019, Blueberry delivered an absolute adorable gift to us, by giving birth to our youngest colt Caramelo. Blueberry is a gift in all aspects, and her story is our challenge.  She is a beautiful horse, full of character , love and spirit and she teaches us that we can only connect by listening to her.

If you may have fallen in love with her already, please let us know by contacting us.

With love and respect, Blueberry and Claudia


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