Her color is blackberry roan and her spirit is magical! Blueberry had been abandoned in the highlands of our Island Santa Cruz. The people who had been responsible for her live next door to our farm. The first time I saw Blueberry was August 2016, at the Fiesta of Santa Rosa. At this time she must have been around 9 months old. I saw her running in a round pen with two other foals and a man throwing a lasso to catch her, which was really not a big show, but about 500 people seemed to be very excited about it. This was part of a program , which is locally called “Rodeo Montuvio”.

From about a year later onwards , I saw her every once in a while running loose in the streets of Santa Rosa. Sometimes with three other horses or four, or even five and a short  time before I managed to catch her, she was seen with her two foals. One of them was born in the street. I heard that these horses where notified by the National Park and I also heard that the people who were once responsible for this group of horses did not want to take them back, and nobody was interested to save them. Every time I saw them I felt anger and pain in my heart and I knew that they needed to be rescued.

My project has had a very difficult time finding a new farm, but finally we where more than lucky to move into our current farm, in September 2018. Our rented farm is a place of 20 hectars ( 200.000 qm) and has enough food for many animals. In October 2018, Blueberry came with her two colts to the entrance of my house several times until I decided to be the lucky person to rescue them.

From this time onwards, Blueberry told me her story.  Getting closer than 20m was impossible and she escaped of any rope being shown to her from a certain distance. While observing me all the time I came into her pasture, she was mostly alert and afraid that something could happen to her and her colts. After a month I brought them running free over to our rented farm, which is only a 10 min. walk away from my place.  At the beginning I led them into a pasture next to my herd of 8 horses for one week, before I brought them all together. We where so lucky that this meeting turned out well and Blueberry and her colts where accepted by our wonderful herd of horses.

They began to make friends and after a while they started to discuss new range orders between Blueberry and two of my other mares. In the meantime Blueberry became the range highest mare at the side of Picasso, who is our alpha leader. The reason for her high position is that she is very smart and strong. She can educate the others and puts limits between horses. I have seen her jumping between two playful fighters.

She became very respected by the other horses of our herd and it makes me very happy to say that Blueberry now lives the life which she deserves. By leaving her in peace all the time she became more curious to us and she stays relaxed while we are around her. Blueberry allows us a slight touch, but grooming or any closer contact to her  is still impossible. I have my best moments with Blueberry sitting right in front of her in the grass and feeling her curious soft nose sniffing at me. Then I can feel her soft and gentle spirit, which fills my heart with love. I am thankful that she found me and I feel privileged to be her caregiver.

In august 2019, Blueberry delivered an absolute adorable gift to us, by giving birth to our youngest colt Caramello. Blueberry is a gift in all aspects, and her story is our challenge. She is a beautiful horse, full of character , love and spirit and she teaches us that we can only connect by listening to her.

If you may have fallen in love to her already, please let us know by contacting us.


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