We Need Your Help!

We Need Your Help!

My name is Claudia Moreno and my idea to form a project to help the horses on the Galapagos Islands came up on the day my fourth foal was born. It made me more worried than happy. I originally had only 3 mares but the neighbours did not take care of their stallions… Additonally people brought a mistreated, starving foal to be which would have died, if I had not taken care of it. So I  now ended up having 11 horses.  Selling the horses was not a solution for me as I know they would end up being mistreated. People are not educated in horses needs and natural way of living. Besides horses on the islands reproduce without control, because they are not always kept in safe conditions. That’s why we have horses with genetic deformations caused by inbreeding.
It’s sad to say but there is no real use for horses anymore on the islands. They were used as working animals a long time ago and later used for tourism but the special care that horses need, like horsemanship, was never practised. Now a lot of them are abandonned, neglected and in very bad health conditions, carrying deadly diseases caused by internal and external parasites.
It is hard for horses on the Galapagos Islands. They live in the small populated area which is only 3% of the land of the whole Galapagos Islands. 97% is protected by the National Park and introduced animals, as horses are, are not allowed to be there.

Farmes keep their land for cattle as they provide milk and meat.

I came to the Galpagos Islands as an animal lover like most of the people who visit this beautiful natural paradise. Living and working in this unique National Park, I became much more an animal lover. I truly believe that it is our responsability to take care of our horses which helped us with the hardest work. Horses deserve our love and honor. As we all know they are one of the most beautiful and inteligent animals, let’s start enjoy beeing with them!

My idea of this Project is to educate people to connect with horses in the natural way. One point is, that we want the horse owners to be responsible for their horses. I offer the community of Galapagos to come to the highlands to learn together with our horse skilled volunteers how to treat horses fairly and kindly. The second point is to learn from the horses, as they are forgiving, soft and kind and tell everybody about themselves. All this we learn and train with the techniques of Natural Horsemanship, which means respect the horses and not to break them to what we want them to be.

At this moment my project is in danger, I have to move out of our current place. Luckily, I found another place that would be perfect for the horses. The problem is, that to get to this new place I am in need for 3000$. This place is the only option that I have to secure the future of my project.  Without this money, I would be forced to stop the project. I would be very grateful if you could help by donating. Get in contact for any further questions you may have.

Kind regards,