By making a difference for animals, we are making a difference for ourselves

Galapagos Horse Friends mission is to teach love and respect for animals. That’s why we train our volunteers in the art of horsemanship and work with trust. In this way we learn that these beautiful animals have so much to give to us!

Many of our horses have lived under very difficult circumstances before they came to us; usually tied up and abused most of their lives. When they come to us, first of all we give green fields to live and graze on, and most importantly we show them love and empathy with horsemanship. We see the beautiful results of sowing our love, and we harvest their confidence.

Do you want to connect to horses beyond your imagination?
Do you want to learn the language of horses?
Do you want to experience soft kindness and pure trust from the start?
Do you want to find out more about your personality? Horses tell you straight away.
Do you want to be at a place of freedom, loving warmth and confidence?

Then come and visit the Galapagos Horse Friends on Santa Cruz island, Galapagos, 20 minutes away from Puerto Ayora.

Only freedom creates trust; and by sowing love – we can harvest confidence!

Become a Galapagos Horse Friend and make the difference not only for animals. Make a difference for yourself. ♡

Sowing Love – Harvesting Confidence​



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What We Do


— Connect Horses with Veterinarians

We are fundraising for veterinary services for Galapagos horses in need – including our own.  Our goal is to have a  specialized veterinary service place for our horses by April 2021. Right now horses on the Galapagos face a very real threat, and specialized care does not currently exist for them. This is a matter of great importance and funding is necessary to realise this project.  


— Provide Excellent Care For Our Animals

To us it is important that it’s understood that horses need special care to be able to live a happy and healthy life, including plenty of water and food, and attention paid to their behavioral and emotional needs.


— Personal Growth

We love to care for the horses and we strive every day to give them the most optimal life. In return we also want to share the joy and the fruits of our work, by offering activities where you can meet the horses in the same life-changing ways we do. At the moment we offer Yoga with Horses, Hug a Horse Visits and Guided Empowerment Sessions.


— We Educate

The greatest impact our work with the horses can give, is by interacting with the local community and creating opportunities for change and growth. We are constantly making new relationships and encourage everyone to visit us, to both demonstrate how treating animals with love and respect not only benefits the animals, but also the society, and how to properly care for horses (the best possible way as we don’t have any horse specialized vets on the island), how to treat them, and how to treat horses in all situations. 

In addition to the many visits we have from our interested neighbours we also invite volunteers and visitors from around the globe to come stay-and-work. We show the community what a gift it is to share trust and be close to horses.


— Horse Guided Empowerment ®

HGE® is a method which combines psychological therapy, Coaching and Natural Horsemanship with the intelligence of a herd of horses. During the coaching you will be outside accompanied by the whole herd with at least 3 horses. Through the nature of the horses and the surroundings you get the opportunity to ground and the horses accompany you and will reflect your emotions and serve as a canvas for hidden thoughts, patterns or early affirmations. It is a self-effective experience. We are trained practitioners HGE® and run Galapagos Horse Friends after its principles. Read more here.


— Ecological Stewardship

The Galapagos is a protected National Park. 97% of the area of the islands are park areas, with only 3% populated by humans. Horses were introduced as pack animals in the early 20th century, and have never been treated fairly nor humanely. As there are no reproduction programmes, nor any legislation that protects the horses, it is us up to Galapagos Horse Friends, and hopefully other future organisations, to help them. To help speak and act for the horses rights not only helps the horses but also helps to maintain an environmental balance.

Impact Stories

Hola mi querida Claudia,
The time i spent with you was so good. This is just a small way to say thank you!!
As my nun says “not even a leaf falls without a reason”…indeed… I was scared of horses and I happened to meet you in my path…
Thanks to you now I love these wonderful animals and I had the chance to hug them and take care of them.
Even if it was for a short time I tried to help you as much as I could…
This is so so amazing and it was amazing to meet you, a person as you with a big heart.
Just few more people like you and the world would be better 🙂
More than everything I’m sure that it’s going to end up like “and they lived happily ever after”
Con mucho gusto amor siempre y por siempre,

Dear future Volunteer!
I hope you will enjoy this magical place and this amazing project as much as I did! Galapagos Horse Friends is an absolutely heartwarming project and I am so grateful for the opportunity being part of it.
Thank you Claudia for teaching me and helping me to discover the Islands.
I’ve learned a lot about horses – which has always been a dream of mine – and I also got an insight of the real face of Galapagos, which is a reason why I’m traveling.
I’m so glad I met you and your efforts gave me the hope we are able to make things change in the world even through small steps.
I wish you all the best and I hope I can visit you again in the future.
With love

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