Galapagos Horse Friends

Galapagos Horse Friends

Due to COVID-19; tourism has been completely shut down on the Galapagos since March 2020. Claudia has not had any work as a tour guide or translator, and so Galapagos Horse Friends is completely dependent on donations until tourism opens up again (hopefully before the end of 2020, but we don’t know for sure yet).
– If you can, please donate now by clicking here.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Only freedom creates trust.
By making a difference for animals,
we are making a difference for ourselves. 

Galapagos Horse Friends helps horses to overcome traumatic experiences with love, trust and freedom.

Our mission is to educate love and respect for animals. That´s why we train with arts of horsemanship and work with trust. In this way we learn that this beautiful animals have so much to give to us!

Do you want to learn the language of horses?
Do you want to experience soft kindness and pure trust from the start?
Do you want to find out more about your personality? Horses tell you straight away.
Do you want to be at a place of freedom, loving warmth and confidence?

Then come and visit the Galapagos Horse Friends on Santa Cruz island, Galapagos, 20 minutes away from Puerto Ayora.

Only freedom creates trust; and by sowing confidence – we can harvest love !

Become a Galapagos Horse Friend and make the difference not only for animals. Make a difference for yourself. ♡